Owasso Kickboxer Puts World Title On The Line

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 8:13 pm
By: John Holcomb

On Thursday, Owasso kickboxer Randy Blake will complete his final workout before he puts his Extreme Fighting League or XFL world light heavyweight kickboxing title on the line against Brian McVea.

"He's known for his power. He's well respected and I respect the guy, but it's my time,” said Blake.

A lot of Blake's time is spent in the gym. He's been involved in martial arts since he was six years old.

He began fighting in 2007, and about a year later added a nickname with staying power. This was after landing, not one, but two spinning back kicks in his first world combat league fight. "I was supposed to lose to the guy, and then I get out there, kicked him twice, boom boom, and you know, it's been history every since" explained Blake.

A coworker dubbed him "Boom Boom," and now Blake, his nickname and his trademark (spinning back kicks), have earned notice not just in Oklahoma, but also overseas.

Blake competes in K-1 and Glory. He also made his professional boxing debut at last month's Tulsa Celebrity Fight Night.

"[I] never thought I'd be an XFL legacy in kickboxing. I never thought that I would be an XFL champion. I never thought that I'd be a world champion... I have two titles. Now I'm like ‘okay, well what's next?' So, that's why I am in a venture off into boxing,” he elaborated. “I want to see how far I can take it in boxing and I want to just keep pushing forward in kickboxing too. I want to make my name a legacy. I want to be a well-known name in Tulsa."