Bob Marley Exhibit Appearing At Woody Guthrie Center

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 6:07 pm
By: News On 6

Bob Marley is coming to Tulsa. Or, more specifically, an exhibit about Bob Marley is opening at the Woody Guthrie Center Friday.

Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Center, Deana McCloud said when you hear that reggae beat, you just gotta move your feet.

"I've been dancing at these stations, now nobody's been around," she said.

McCloud said she's very excited about this second traveling exhibit curated by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

It features two audio stations with opportunities to just listen and hear the messages in his music, McCloud said.

"Just like Woody did, Bob stood up for the disenfranchised, for the poor in his society, and promoted peace and equality. That's the message we try to get across with everything we do here. That's Woody Guthrie's message as well," she said.

Ever dream of being a record producer? Well at this exhibit you get the chance to remix Bob Marley's "Exodus."

The exhibit also features a lot of photographs.

"Of Bob on stage, playing his instrument at home, and just relaxing with friends, and of course playing soccer, he was a huge soccer fan," said McCloud.

In fact he once said, "If you want to really know me you must play soccer with me."

While we can't do that, we can learn a great deal about Bob Marley and how his music influenced much of the music we listen to today.