Tulsa Judge Rules Son Who Killed Mom Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 1:12 pm
By: News On 6

A man accused of stabbing his mother to death has been found not guilty by reason of insanity by a Tulsa judge.

The court on Thursday ruled Matthew Stick was a danger to society and ordered him to the OK Forensic Center in Vinita until a judge decides to release him, if ever.

Stick's family called the verdict an answer to prayer.

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During the morning hearing, the judge read documents from an interview Stick had with a mental health professional shortly after the 2012 murder.

Stick told the doctor that the day of the murder, he and his mother went home from lunch and watched the show “Revolution” together. The main character of the show carries a sword, and Stick indicated to the doctor that the world was ending and that character was a future representation of himself, the judge read.

According to the judge, Stick told the doctor he believed his mother had been taken over by a demon and she had him watch the TV show as a warning that demons were torturing her soul.

Stick also told the doctor he believed his knife had magical powers to slay demons. The documents read by the judge claim Stick thought he was battling evil, and after he stabbed his mother, and heard her gasping for breath, he believed it was the demon leaving her body.

In the evaluation, Stick told the doctor that he put the knife into his belt and walked back into the house for a walking stick for his spiritual journey.

Court documents show Stick then left home, but later abandoned a running car and walked to work, covered in blood and acting psychotic.

Stick's father previously said during the trial that his son was not acting as a monster the day Veronica died, but instead was someone suffering.

“It was an undiagnosed case,” Michael Stick said. “We simply didn't know the warning signs. We didn't know what mental illness looked like.”

He said he and his wife knew their son was depressed, but had no idea how severe his mental state had become. He said his son was scheduled to see a doctor, but by the time the appointment came, it was too late.

Two different doctors evaluated Matthew and agreed he has Bipolar One Disorder, with a psychotic feature that can produce dangerous delusions.

They said he did not understand the consequences of his actions the day his mother was killed. The state argued that what Matthew did after the murder - leaving the scene, ditching his car, the knife and throwing out his IDs - shows he did understand.

Stick's family reported he is doing better now that he is getting treatment and medication, and they have hope he will someday be home with them.

They said they are grateful this part of the court process is over and the family can begin to heal from the tragedy of Veronica's death.