Bystander Shot At During Rogers County Police Chase

Friday, May 29th 2015, 11:08 pm
By: Craig Day

During a Thursday evening police chase, the three suspects being pursued by officers fired gunshots wildly at people standing just off the highway.

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One man said the shots came way too close for comfort.

As officers pursued people suspected of shooting an Oologah police officer, Floyd Boyd and another man were looking at a tractor along Highway 169 when, suddenly, a car whizzed by.

"Pow, pow! I knew exactly what it was when I heard it, and the guy with me said ‘What was that?' and I said, ‘Hell that's gunshots,'" Boyd explained.

Moments later, Boyd saw police officers going just as fast down the highway in the chase that began in Rogers County and ended in south Coffeyville.

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"Boy, when I saw that I knew, really, that somebody had shot at us," he said.

Boyd said it all happened so fast there wasn't time to worry, be afraid or take cover behind one of the tractors.

"I didn't know why in the world somebody would be shooting at us, but after I heard more about it, why, they would be just liable to do anything I guess," he said.

Boyd's glad the three suspects were caught.

"We need to be thankful for police. They put their lives on the line a lot of times," he said.

Boyd said he's grateful to the police and is very glad they made a quick arrest of the three suspects.