Wagoner County Woman Clings To Tub, Prays As Tornado Rips Off Roof

Monday, May 18th 2015, 12:17 am
By: News On 6

Early estimates show at least 70 homes have damage in a Wagoner County neighborhood.

One couple lost everything.

They said they were watching the news and knew the storm was coming.

When it hit, taking the roof with it, all they could do is pray they would live through it.

In her pajamas, Carol Cole walked through what is left of her home. It was the same outfit she wore when a tornado hit in the middle of the night.

Before her home was reduced to rubble.

Cole said she was in her bedroom watching storm coverage and her husband was outside on the porch.

"All of a sudden there was an explosion, so I just sidestepped and ran in to the bathroom," she said.

Hunkered down in the bathtub, Cole said she called for her husband and prayed to God.

She remembers feeling insulation fly across her face.

And she knew then it was bad.

“At one point I thought, ‘what if I don't live through this? What if my husband is gone and I do live through this?'"

After what seemed a never-ending wait, the storm calmed and she finally heard her husband's voice as she peeked out of her hiding spot and into the open.

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“I could just see it down the hallway and thought there's no ceiling anywhere," she said.

Cole said right now, there's no plan for what's next, but with neighbors helping to clean up, eventually she will figure it out.

There are many more houses on Cole's street with severe damage. Next door, the roof was torn off there, too. All down the street there are tarps on roofs.

Cole said she and her husband have insurance, but it's not enough to rebuild. All they can do now is pay their mortgage and tear the place down.