Oologah High School Seniors Pull 'Tired' Prank

Monday, May 11th 2015, 11:51 am
By: Richard Clark

The seniors at Oologah High School have carried on a tradition of a harmless prank on school grounds. It appears the class of 2015 is ready to graduate on Saturday because it's "tired" of school.

Members of the senior class left dozens of old tires in front of the two main entrances to the school overnight.

Thomas Buchanan, a youth pastor who lives in Oologah, shared photos of the prank on Twitter.

"I thought it was funny and quite harmless. Only thing to pick up is tires. No mess," he wrote.

The class of 2015 had big shoes to fill. The class of 2014 created a temporary beach in a parking lot at the school, by trucking in 10 tons of sand, hay bales and thousands of gallons of water.

The class of 2014 got permission for the prank, by promising to remove the sand, hay and water, which it did.

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In 2013, the seniors put hundreds of garden gnomes around the campus. The class of 2011 toilet-papered the school. In 2010, the seniors left thousands of plastic forks stuck in the school's front lawn.