Sequoyah County Officials Survey Flooded Roads And Bridges

Monday, May 11th 2015, 10:30 am
By: News On 6

Severe weather slammed rural Sequoyah County over the weekend wiping out several bridges and roads.

Sequoyah County District Three Commissioner Jim Rogers and Calvin Teague took KFSM, the CBS affiliate in Fort Smith along when they surveyed the damage on Sunday.

“We are just trying to get to [the damaged bridges and roads] as fast as we can,” Jim Rogers said.

“Last night we probably went through five or six [damaged areas], we still really haven't got all of them,” Calivin Teague said.

Sunday, Rogers and Teague toured South 4640 Road south of Highway 141 and South 4630 Road near Sallisaw.

Both men said water should never be underestimated.

Jim Rogers said the budget to fix storm damage is about $400,000 annually.

“You are looking at $100,000 to resurface one mile of overlay. I've got enough money to do about two miles of road a year,” Rogers said. “It's a major setback for us when you are a poor county.”

Both men said no injuries have been reported because of the flooding.