City Leaders Prepared For Festivals, Severe Weather

Thursday, May 7th 2015, 11:23 pm
By: News On 6

The threat of severe weather didn't keep people from attending the Trail Days carnival that kicked off in Owasso Thursday night.

As the potential for severe weather continues through the weekend, city leaders said they're prepared.

The skies were gray for much of the day Thursday, but the rain held off long enough, allowing people like Misty Moore to enjoy the day at the Trail Days carnival in Owasso.

“It only comes around this one weekend and it looked like it's gonna be raining all weekend, so we figured we'd get it out of the way,” she said.

Moore's son wasn't too concerned about the dark clouds Thursday, but she's always on the lookout.

“Rain doesn't bother me, but the lightning, we're out,” she said.

And so are many of the rides, according to Owasso Chamber President, Gary Akin.

“This time of the year we're always aware of rain, straight winds, thunderstorms, that can occur quickly, so we always have our eyes on the weather,” he said.

With so much happening over the four-day celebration there's no clear cut rule on how bad the weather must get before it's all shut down, but Akin believes when the sirens sound, the people will take it from there.

“Most often the public knows how to take care of themselves and when to disperse, and we always say watch News On 6 to know what to do in inclement weather,” he said.

Akin said, for most of the day things were dry, but if weather puts a damper on things they'll be ready.

City leaders said, depending on the weather, the parade Saturday could potentially get canceled. If it does, that announcement will be made early Saturday morning.