Tulsa Neighbors Rescue Fallen Baby Owl From Driveway

Thursday, May 7th 2015, 6:54 pm
By: News On 6

A little owl drama in a mid-town Tulsa neighborhood came to a happy end Thursday.

Jennifer Harmon alerted her Facebook friends and Twitter followers to an owl adventure Thursday morning, after she noticed a baby was no longer in its nest.

Video from Harmon's cell phone shows a couple of baby owls peeking out from a tree - one of them got a little too curious.

"Kept bending down to, to, see what was going on and lost his footing, and fell onto the driveway," she said.

More cell phone video shows he just stood there, staring back at her, so she alerted the neighbors.

"Instantly, everybody was on the way down here," Harmon said.

That included Tulsa Police Captain Richard Lawson, who was on his way to work.

"So he said ‘Can we get a ladder?' ‘Sure I've got a ladder,'" Harmon said.

Lawson used the ladder to carry the little out back up to the tree.

While we were in the neighborhood, Harmon helped us find the dad and the mom in the nearby trees.

As we watched with binoculars, dad flew over to mom, then, she flew back with something in her beak, maybe a little lunch for the kids?

As we watched, she took it to the nest, fed the kids and in a few minutes she popped up and was all done.

The neighborhood is soliciting names for the pair of baby owls. You can make suggestions in the comments section.