Construction Projects Causing Headaches For Tulsa Drivers

Monday, April 27th 2015, 6:56 pm
By: News On 6

Some detours on the five-mile-long repaving project on Interstate 244 are causing some traffic headaches for drivers.

While the work is being done on the expressway, there are also lanes closed on the streets below the bridge; and the location of the traffic lights may get some drivers in trouble.

Drivers at Admiral and Delaware might not see the lights because they didn't get moved over for the construction, and if you don't look over to see them, you could end up having a wreck.

Construction projects on some of I-244's bridges are causing crews to shutdown lanes on the streets below.

Now there's some confusion on the roads because the traffic lights at Admiral and Delaware and Admiral and Peoria didn't move when the lanes did.

News On 6 Live Traffic Map

“Also there's virtually no traffic control with the oncoming traffic, the stuff that's moving to the north, which makes it rather difficult. There have been several near miss crashes," David Bowman said.

The city and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation said they haven't received any complaints about the intersections and don't plan to move any of the signals.

Drivers like Chris Cox, think they could've done a better job making the construction zone safer to drive through.

"Yeah, you've got to look over to the side you know and it's that way on this side and the north side of it," he said.

Kenna Carmon with ODOT said lane closures won't last long and drivers need to plan ahead.

"In this corridor you really have to pay attention because things change on a daily basis out there," said Carmon. “The signs are there for a reason, the lights are there for a reason, drivers have to follow those rules."

If you have to go through the areas, drivers like Mike Clark suggest you look both ways.

"You know construction in Tulsa, be aware of every intersection, pretend every intersection is a stop, you know, and then continue on," Clark said.

Tulsa Police said they haven't had any significant accidents reported near the bridge projects.

Just remember to look in the right corner for the traffic light.