Tulsa Carjacking Victim Fears Teens Responsible Will Strike Again

Friday, April 24th 2015, 8:02 pm
By: News On 6

Police said two teenage boys are in jail after admitting to two separate carjackings at gunpoint.

According to police, the boys live at the Normandy Apartments, and when they saw a neighbor return home around 10:30 Thursday night, they decided to carjack her.

Johnetta just made it to the steps of her apartment Thursday night, when the 15 and 16-year-old boys said, “Excuse me ma'am,” and when she turned around, she saw the barrel of a gun in her face.

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"The one with the gun was shaking while the other one was, ‘Give us your purse, give us everything or you're gonna get shot,'" she said.

Johnetta said the car alarm went off then the passenger couldn't unlock the door, so that made them mad at her.

"The one with the gun started shaking it at me, talking about, ‘What did you do?' and I'm like, ‘I didn't do nothing, ya'll go my keys,'” she said.

They finally left and police said they dumped the clothes they had used to cover their faces then had some car trouble.

"They hit a curb and blew out a tire and didn't know how to change it so they left it behind," said Tulsa Police Sergeant, Brandon Watkins.

Police said that's when they carjacked a second victim at gunpoint and stole his truck, but then decided to drive it back to their mother's apartment, which was just a few doors down from the first victim.

That's where officers arrested them and said both Gabriel Tyler and Demykle Powell admitted to what they'd done.

"They're arrested as adults. They put a gun to somebody's head, they threatened someone's life," Watkins said.

Johnetta is thankful that as nervous as the boys were, the carjacking didn't turn into a murder, but, she is still worried they're a danger.

"They're gonna be free regardless of how long they're locked up, then they're gonna hurt somebody," she said.

Johnetta asked the police if the gun the boys used was real and they told her, not only was it real, but it was also fully loaded.