Parents Of Child Killed In Tulsa Standoff Each Filed Protective Order

Friday, March 20th 2015, 11:21 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A 17-hour standoff ended tragically with the death of a 5-year-old boy.

Tulsa police said the boy was being held hostage in his mom's apartment by his father, who fired at least a dozen shots at officers before surrendering Friday morning.

The couple's marriage was in trouble sometime before last July.

Police said the wife installed a camera at her apartment, to warn her if Bryon Creech showed up and tried to break in, which is what police said happened Thursday.

Creech had the child with him when he went to the apartment. He had visitation rights, but wasn't supposed to be around his wife, except to exchange the child.

The standoff ended with the suspect walking out, but police soon discovered a 5-year-old boy, shot dead, according to police, by his own father.

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Creech wouldn't talk to detectives Friday so they're left to investigate, so Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker said, they now have to speculate about what happened.

“Whether it's a planned event or what, he was going to do with the mother, we don't know,” Walker said.

Police now believe the child was killed at the very beginning of the standoff.

They said Creech's wife moved to Riverchase last weekend, hoping to escape her estranged husband, but a live camera she had in the apartment showed him inside; waiting for her.

“And as the police arrive and use a key to get in; it's barricaded, a shot rings out and that begins the series of events leading up to his surrender and we find the child dead,” Walker said.

The couple was married in 2006 in Jamaica; three years later their son was born.

By last July, their eighth anniversary, she asked for a protective order, filed for divorce and he was ordered out of their house.

In October, he was charged with vandalizing her car and in January he asked for protective order against her. In February his request was dismissed but hers was granted.

Police said, until yesterday, the relationship and accusations back and forth were not extraordinary for a divorce with children involved.

Police were hopeful during the long night that 5-year-old Braydon was alive; in fact they didn't rush in for fear the boy would be hurt.

"They are working off the assumption he's holding his child hostage and that's why this thing was so protracted,” said Walker.

Police said they didn't have many options; they didn't have any view of the suspect through the windows and didn't want to take any risks with the child inside.