Tulsa Body Shops Seeing More Work Thanks To Slick Roads

Tuesday, February 17th 2015, 7:18 pm
By: News On 6

Slick roads are being blamed for hundreds of accidents since the ice and snow started falling Sunday. The damage done could cost drivers big bucks, even a minor fender-bender.

Many drivers had no choice but to leave their vehicles on the side of the road; we've seen several cars, trucks and even a snow plow stranded.

Now many are sitting at repair shops, and some of the damage could mean thousands of dollars' worth of repairs.

From SUVs in ditches to much larger wrecks that nearly shut down highways, stranded vehicles have been spotted all around the city.

Broken Arrow Driver Loyd Younger said the icy road conditions made him lose control of his car and he hit a purple Pontiac.

"I was coming off the side street there and when I was taking off, my tires were spinning,” he said.

Storey Tow Truck driver James Dean said he's been hauling cars off the streets non-stop.

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“Mainly sliding off the highways, people get over-confident. We've been pulling a lot of cars out of ditches, working a lot of vehicle accidents," Dean said.

He's been loading up the wrecked vehicles and taking most straight to body shops.

"Typically we just see an increase in volume, pretty much it doubles whenever there is snow or precipitation on the ground," said Body Works owner, Bobby Herring.

Herring said about 30 vehicles have come in over the last few days.

Body Works employee, Roland Taber said, "You have no control while you are sliding, so you have no breaking. You can't slow down and, boom, you hit it even harder."

Some of the damage is minor, costing a few hundred bucks to repair a bumper, but others will cost big bucks to fix.

Employees are clearing out parking spaces to make room for the wrecked vehicles that haven't even arrived yet.

It does take a few days for insurance claims to go through, so many involved in accidents won't know exactly how much they'll have to pay for a few more days.