Henryetta, Kiefer Schools Close Due To Student Illnesses

Friday, January 30th 2015, 2:39 pm
By: News On 6

Henryetta Public Schools has joined Kiefer as the latest Green Country districts to close due to illness. Henryetta announced Friday afternoon that they will be closed Monday and Tuesday due to the recent flu outbreak.

The school website says there are excessive absences of both students and staff.

Kiefer Public Schools is closed until Tuesday due to flu. Staff have been working at Kiefer High School for the last several hours, cleaning all the classrooms and hallways.

Employees say they plan to spend the next couple of days sanitizing and deep cleaning to make sure the school buildings are ready for students to return.

Parents say they were notified by email that school would be closed Friday and next Monday due to a high number of absences. 

Parents we talked to said they're happy school was canceled.

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One Kiefer mom said she's been scared her kindergartner would catch what's going around.

"My daughter's class got hit really hard apparently, so I just didn't want her around it," said parent Kristina Kelley.

Kelley's daughter isn't ill, but she took her to the doctor to make sure they could get Tamiflu if needed.

Kelley said her kindergartener's class got hit hard. Many of her daughter's classmates were out sick.

“She is sad more than anything just because her friends aren't there," she said.

Kelley was most worried her six year old would catch it from another student.

"I mean my daughter has no problem sharing her drink or food with other kids, so I have been very worried about that," she said.

Staff members are using the days off to clean hallways and classrooms.

Kelley hopes the long weekend will give sick kids the chance to get better and if they aren't by the time school opens.

"Hopefully parents with sick kids keep them home. That's my biggest fear," she said.

We did call the superintendent multiple times today to find out exactly how many students have been sick, but our phone calls were never returned.