Muskogee Community Members Meet After Officer-Involved Shooting

Saturday, January 24th 2015, 10:24 pm
By: News On 6

Community members in Muskogee gathered on Saturday to ask questions after police released video showing an officer shooting and killing a man last weekend.

The meeting comes just day after police released the video from the officer's body camera. The responses and questions asked in the church were mixed. Community leaders wanted to have this meeting in hopes to ease any tensions following the release of the body cam video.

Local church leaders and the NAACP organized the meeting hoping to give people a platform to be heard after graphic video shows officer Chansey McMillin shooting and killing Terence Walker.

Officers responded to the Old Agency Baptist Church after receiving a 911 call saying Walker was threatening to kill his girlfriend who was attending a wedding.

Police said the body camera video shows Walker running away and dropping something, and that item was a loaded gun that was pointed at McMillin.

Lisa Dedmon was at the wedding taking pictures for the bride and groom when the shooting happened.

Even after the video release, she still has more questions for police.

"I think that sometimes we fall for things that it is the regular status quo... that officer could've handled it in a different manor," Dedmon said.

Angel Robbins said there are more deep-rooted issues in the community that led up to shootings like the one last weekend.

"It's a hurtful situation,” Dedmon said. “ I don't expect everybody to understand, but as a woman of a young black man, I get it. … I don't wish that on anybody."

Pastor Michael Webber, of Divine Love Christian Fellowship Church, said he hopes "[people] realize that we are a community... officers and the community."

The pastors hope to have another meeting like this next month.