Investigation Into Oologah Child's Death Shows No Sign Of Outbreak, Officials Say

Friday, January 9th 2015, 6:41 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The Oklahoma state health department says the results are not in yet on what killed a kindergarten student in Oologah. Six-year-old Jenny Yang died Monday night; within 12 hours of having noticeable symptoms.

While the department says there is no public health danger for classmates, the diagnosis has not been determined. And that's because officials have been monitoring family members and the community, and so far no other signs of illness have been found. Nothing found at the family home or the school has given them any cause for concern, officials said.

The state epidemiologist said they are confident there's not a public health emergency in Oologah because the investigation has found no signs of infectious disease and no indicators of what everyone fears -- an outbreak of meningitis -- though it still could be an isolated case.

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The school district hired a cleaning crew to work at the lower elementary, cleaning classrooms, the gym and buses as a precaution.

At the same school, activities are resuming. A basketball tournament that was delayed Thursday night is back on for Friday night.

The state department of health has lab samples being cultured to see what turns up, but it reports the results of those tests could take another week.

Based on what is known so far, along with no signs of anyone else being sick, the state said it is confident there's no outbreak of illness underway or expected.

Oologah superintendent Max Tanner canceled classes campus-wide on Thursday and Friday after what he called contradictory information from the health department. He said he wanted to make sure safety was No. 1.

On Friday, Tanner said the plan is for school to go back into session on Monday.