Kiefer Police Rescue Abandoned Mare, Colt In Rural Creek County

Monday, January 5th 2015, 11:33 am
By: Dee Duren

Kiefer police are investigating a case of animal abandonment after a mare and colt were found wandering on 151st Street South. Chief Johnny O'Mara said the horses were an immediate danger to themselves and drivers in the winding 7100 block of the roadway.

"It really looks like the horses were just dumped," O'Mara said Monday morning. The horses were found in late December.

Officers found a white mare and reddish colt together. When they tried to approach, the colt jumped a barbed wire fence then jumped back to be with the mare.

When the colt jumped back over the fence, he became entangled in the wire and cut open an artery.

"We really didn't think he was going to make it when we saw the severity of the injury and how the blood was spurting," O'Mara said. "Luckily, the colt was in good health.

"He's fine; he's stabilized."

The horses were eventually confined inside a fence with help from neighbors, Kiefer Public Works employees, Sapulpa Police and the Creek County Sheriff's Office.

A veterinarian from the Sapulpa Equine Hospital was called to the scene. Dr. Meg Hollabaugh treated the colt's injuries.

A Sapulpa rescue organization is taking care of the animals as police investigate the abandonment after what O'Mara called "an exhaustive effort" to find the owners. 

"Nobody's claimed them; nobody from this area knows these horses," he said.

The mare is also doing well, he said.