OSU Football Makes A Young Fan's Day

Thursday, January 1st 2015, 11:47 pm
By: John Holcomb

The OSU Cowboys are making its final preparations for the Ticket City Bowl, but took time out Thursday to take part in its second selfie day of the season. During this selfie day, the team made a young fan's day.

It's not the way college football teams usually spend time the day before a game, but the Cowboys connected with fans and made one young girl's trip to Phoenix pretty special before Friday's kickoff.

Kelsey Stamper waited patiently for her favorite coach and players to arrive for OSU selfie day. After a two day trip in the family van, a few more minutes wasn't about to dampen the young girl from Chouteau's enthusiasm.

"Kelsey is a big fan. She's very excited about being here, and our family has roots in Stillwater so we are involved. At first Kelsey didn't want to come, but she's the kind of kid who loves to meet people,” said OSU fan Andrea Stamper.

Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph stopped by, as well as Mike Gundy, Brandon Sheperd, and others. Afterward, it was time to load up the van and rest up for the game. Although the event only lasted for about half an hour, the memories will last a lifetime.

Kelsey was very excited about her meeting with coach Gundy, and will be rooting for OSU when it takes on Washington.

Andrea said they made a last-minute decision to change course and go south through Las Cruces, New Mexico, after hearing about the OSU band getting stuck (due to bad weather). All six of the family members will be wearing orange at Sun Devil Stadium Friday night.