Crews Work To Keep Tulsa Roads Safe For Drivers

Thursday, January 1st 2015, 7:57 pm
By: News On 6

Road crews will work overnight, watching for icy spots while salt trucks are working the usual suspects; bridges, ramps and intersections.

The key for commuters, like Chris Passmore, is to take it slow and avoid driving if you don't have to.

“If you take it slow I don't think you'll have any problems tonight," Passmore said.

He said he was planning on staying in Friday night but had to pick up a snack and took his chances on the icy roads.

"They're not too bad yet, pretty drivable, not too bad," Passmore said.

Dominique Vice was just trying to get home from work when we caught up with her.

"Yes I'm taking my time, precious time getting home tonight," Vice said.

She was doing her best to get home without sliding around on the ice.

"I hit some slick spots, but they weren't too bad," Vice said.

The freezing rain only lasted a couple of hours, but that was enough to get maintenance crews out treating the roads.

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"Right now we've just been monitoring, at this time,” said Leon Kragel with the City of Tulsa.

Street crews with the City of Tulsa came in on the holiday and started putting salt down on the city's main roads.

Turnpike maintenance crews also started treating the roads on the Creek Turnpike.

There were a couple of accidents in the metro area; one car crashed on a bridge near Harvard and Highway 11.

There was also an accident reported on the southwest side of the IDL, one person was injured in the crash.

Street crews urge everyone to take their time on the roads.

“Right now they just need to continue to drive safely. You won't realize it until you're there," Kragel said.

Outside of Tulsa lots of bridges iced over too. ODOT crews are also out Thursday night treating roads.