Oklahoma Trainer To The Stars Gives Exercise Tips

Wednesday, December 31st 2014, 7:39 pm

We've opened the gifts and eaten too much, now it's time for weight loss resolutions.

We introduced you to an Oklahoman who went from the small town life in Chandler to being Madonna's trainer in New York City and asked him for some tips.

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For many, the idea of getting back in shape can be overwhelming, but Josh Holland said it doesn't have to be.

Holland, who trains A-list celebrities, said step one is to not get caught up with the big picture, instead, start small.

“My advice to all of my clients is to, first of all, is to have a plan,” he said.

For Holland, there are four rules to live by on road the health and well-being:

  • Get four hours of deep sleep each night.
  • Watch what you're eating and drinking.
  • Focus on your non-exercise movement - move around at work, park near that back, not the front.
  • Exercise - Holland said that should fall into place if you're following the other steps.

“I think too many people get caught up in, 'I can't exercise for an hour today, so I'm not gonna exercise at all,' Holland said.

He said it doesn't take much, 15 minutes a day is better than nothing.

Holland recommended five moves that can be done anywhere and are perfect for a beginner or an expert.

“One of the exercises you can do anytime, all the time, and is super easy for everyone to do, wherever you are is a plank,” he said. “You want to be nice and straight and the most important thing is squeezing your glutes so you can stabilize your pelvis.

Holland said it's normal to shake a little while doing a plank.

Next, he suggests wall sit followed by deep squats, old-fashioned push-ups and finish it by hopping – something Holland said is less intimidating than running.

Each exercise should be done for the same amount of time, 30 seconds or a minute or more, depending on your comfort and strength level.

Once you feel you've mastered the small steps, you'll be ready for bigger goals, according to Holland.

“If you can do each of those things each day and you sleep better, eat a little bit better, guaranteed you're gonna see some sort of result,” he said.

You can watch the video to see how to do the exercises Holland recommended.