Last Minute Shoppers Take Over Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24th 2014, 10:34 pm
By: News On 6

Nothing says Christmas like a packed mall parking lot on Christmas Eve. At Target, shopping carts were flying like Santa's reindeer.

"It's just as busy as Black Friday. It's always the last minute shoppers that are coming in right now, trying to get those last minute gifts," said Brian Dausses of Target.

Many of those gifts are sold out; shelves are bare for both boys and girls. "Anything from the electronic pets to iPads, iPods, believe it or not, Xbox ones, our typical electronics, ride-on toys, those are all very popular items," Dausses explained.

Shopper Patty Miller was lucky to have found an Elsa doll. "I'm still able to get a Frozen item, and several Legos. There's still Legos left, and a baby nursery play set," said Miller.

Single dad Jeremy Ullrich looked for the last few items to top off his sons's stockpile of gifts. He said he thought he'd see more men purchasing last minute gifts. "I see a lot more women here than I do men, but they're usually picking up things that guys forgot," Ullrich stated.

Sarah King says there are always last-minute things to buy on Christmas Eve. "I have some blankets, and just some stocking stuffers: candy canes, that sort of thing." She also said her husband has the same problem with buying gifts for her each year, but shes gotten used to it.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average holiday shopper completed half of their holiday shopping December 10th. That makes last minute shoppers the new normal.