Tulsa Humane Society Hopes To Send Animals Home For Holidays

Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 10:56 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa Humane Society said it's full but still getting more animals every day.

Dozens of dogs and cats are in need of a home right away and the shelter itself is in need too.

The Humane Society is full of any kind of dog or cat someone could want for Christmas, and a lot of the pets are getting a second chance.

Just a few weeks or even days ago, many of the faces you'll see at the Tulsa Humane Society were at a shelter somewhere, or even on death row.

Now, many are hoping to follow in the paw prints of Lucy and go to a home before the beginning of the New Year.

"We came in on Saturday, they had kind of an open house thing, and we went and my wife and I looked at Lucy and we liked her a lot," said Lucy's new owner John Clark.

Quick adoptions like Lucy's are what the Humane Society needs this year.

“Over the last two to three weeks we've pulled over 65 dogs from animal control shelters that were high kill. We've taken in dogs from the public, we're just full, and the number one need we have right now is to send all these babies home for the holidays," said Evan Fadem with the Humane Society.

It's not just homes the society needs. They also need little things – treats, collars, toys, beds and fleece blankets – little things to keep the animals comfortable while they wait to be adopted.

"That breaks your heart, you know, he's 12 years old, he's lived with a family for ten to 12 years and all of the sudden he's homeless at Christmas," Fadem said about one of the dogs, Cosmo.

If you can't add a new member to your family this year but would like to help, the Humane Society of Tulsa has this wish list posted online.