Another Midtown Tulsa Sexual Assault Reported

Thursday, June 19th 2014, 3:42 pm
By: Tess Maune

Police are looking at the clues that connect a string of sexual attacks. For the 5th time this month, police think the same man has assaulted another woman inside her own home.

Now, they're looking at the common threads in all five cases that could help them stop him before he strikes again. The most recent attack happened near 11th and Yale.

There may be evidence his crimes are escalating. For the first time, he forced his way into a house, before now, he only went in through open, unlocked doors.

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The white picket fence, and he freshly cut lawns, make the street a place where residents feel safe.

"It's a very nice neighborhood. I haven't had any trouble over here at all," said Kay.

Kay hasn't had trouble, but overnight, one of her neighbors did. It was a crime that has Kay so fearful, she didn't want to use her real name.

"It's very devastating to know that that has happened so close to my home," Kay said.

Tulsa police said a man broke into a woman's house by cutting through a screen door around 2:00 Thursday morning. He threatened her with a knife, sexually assaulted her, and then left with her phone.

Sergeant Mark Mears said he believes the same man attacked four other women in just two weeks' time, looking for women who live alone or are home alone at the time.

"He may be casing these particular residences in advance of when he actually commits the assault," Mears said.

What's troubling for police is the attacks aren't happening in any specific neighborhood. The man has hit several different areas of the city at random.

"We can use geographic profiling to get information for locations, however at this point, because he's been in several different areas, everybody in Tulsa needs to have their eyes open," said Mears.

One thing police are certain of, is that he's targeting a specific group of women. One victim was 29, but the rest, police said were older, between 50 and 68, and in all five attacks he's made similar sexual comments to the women.

"Everybody in Tulsa needs to have their eyes open," Mears said.

He said you also need to keep your doors locked, security systems on and have a plan in place ahead of time for what to do if an attacker shows up in your home.

"One person may be able to and willing to fight and another may not. That's why you think about it and think, ‘What am I gonna do? Am I gonna try to escape? Am I going to fight,'" said Mears.

At this point, police said the man raped only one of his victims. He keeps his face covered during his attacks, and has been known to wear a hoodie. Detectives believe the man is in early 20s, 5-feet-10-inches tall and 160 pounds.

Officers said we can all help track down the attacker. If you see someone who seems out of place or suspicious in your neighborhood, report it to police.