Stolen French Bulldog 'Pork Dumpling' Reunited With Owner

Monday, June 16th 2014, 12:03 pm
By: News On 6

Two years after a French Bulldog was stolen from her owners condo in Houston, investigators found her in Green Country and were able to reunite them.

Whoever stole the dog gave her to a friend or family member as a Christmas gift and probably had no idea she was stolen.

She was being watched recently by someone in Broken Arrow, and, apparently, taken along during a burglary spree. When the burglars were caught, animal control scanned the bulldog for a chip and were able to find the dog's owner.

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Lanny Dampf, Broken Arrow Animal Control Director, said, "I don't know that I've ever heard of a case like this, I know I've never been part of case like this."

Two years ago, burglars stole Siu Mai, meaning shrimp pork dumpling in Chinese, and her brother from their owner's condo in Houston. Last week, she was in the car of someone police arrested in part of a burglary ring in Broken Arrow.

Thanks to a microchip, police found her owner.

"The chances of this happening are slim to none," Dampf said.

Monday the time came to reunite Siu Mai and her owner, but after two years of separation, Siu Mai was slightly confused about her owner, but Michael Wong was glad to have her back in his life.

"It's amazing to be able ,you know, you can never give up hope," he said. "She's a jewel. Glad to have her back. Gotta get reacquainted with her."

Wong wasn't the only member of the family excited to see Siu Mai, her brother was also there. He was reunited with Wong a few months after he was taken, but he made the trip too, excited to see his sister.

When asked if he thought he remembered her, Wong said, "Yes. He's the smart one."

Siu Mai and her brother, also named after a type of dumpling, and their step sister are headed back to Houston.

"It's a wonderful feeling. I guess it's very seldom that this will happen after two years," Wong said.

The Broken Arrow Police and animal control want to reiterate the importance of micro-chipping your dog and keeping that information up to date and accurate, because that is the only reason Siu Mai is back with her original owners.