Claremore Mother Discovers Cat's Ears Cut Off, Left On Porch

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 10:47 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Claremore mother made a gruesome discovery when she found the family cat's ears had been cut off and left on the porch.

The kitten is only about seven months old. The family said they got her to protect their house from mice; they never imagined she'd been the one needing to be protected.

"Her name is Kawpawka," said Sami Wise, the kitten's owner.

Kawpawka's name is unique by accident.

"That's what my daughter calls her. We have no idea where she got that name from," Wise said.

What was not an accident, Wise said, are the unique features her cat now has. Wise said those came from one cruel act.

"I walked outside and I saw her ears on my doorstep," she said.

At first Wise thought her cat's ears were ripped off by a neighborhood dog, but the cuts were clean, not tattered or torn.

Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton, said there's no way another animal is responsible for this kind of injury.

"This is nothing short of an act of violence," Walton said.

Wise said whoever hurt her cat did it in broad daylight. She said she saw Kawpawka when she went outside around noon on Monday. The kitten was fine and both ears were attached. Three hours later, she went outside again and that's when she found the two ears on her doorstep.

"It just got me really, really nervous and kind of frightened," she said.

Wise's family has lived in the neighborhood for only a few months. She said she hasn't had any problems, until now.

"We like it here, but not if people are going to be chopping animals' ears off," she said.

Wise said Kawpawka may be an outdoor cat, but she spends her time close to home.

"She doesn't really roam around, she goes underneath the porch or she'll lay in the flower pot outside," Wise said. "She doesn't get into fights, she's not hostile."

It's too soon to know for sure, but the sheriff said it's possible the abuse was some sort of twisted prank by a neighborhood kid, which leads to bigger concerns.

"When this type of sick behavior is noticed, you just wonder what the next step could be," Walton said.

The next step for Kawpawka is some quality time inside as she heals.

"She wants to be close with you now, she just seems really scared," Wise said.

And while the outdoor kitten has some new fears, for now she's enjoying the special treatment of a lap cat.

"She's very, very sweet," said Wise.

Investigators said they didn't find any blood. Wise said it appeared the kitten's nails had been trimmed.

The sheriff said anyone with information can call the tip line anonymously at 918-341-3620.