Tulsa Mother Released From Jail After 20 Years Wants To Find Son's Killer

Friday, May 30th 2014, 11:20 pm
By: News On 6

For a Tulsa mother who spent 20 years behind bars, Friday was a day for freedom. Michelle Murphy left the Tulsa County Jail after a judge vacated her murder conviction in the death of her three-month-old son.

Thanks to DNA evidence, Murphy was set free on bond. The prosecutor, now Tulsa County D.A. Tim Harris, argued blood at the scene belonged to Murphy in the original trial; DNA is now proving that argument wrong.

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It was a moment Murphy waited 20 years for. Friday she finally got the chance to reunite with her friends and family, but it was one woman in particular who Murphy kept going back to; her former teacher, and now strongest advocate, Susan Jones.

"As a student in my classroom, she was coming in with pictures of her children, and to do that, I just knew that she didn't," Jones said.

"I want to finally get this brought to an end, and I want to find out who did this. I know I didn't do it and I feel if the state had done their job in the first place, we would've known who did this," said Murphy.

Murphy and her lawyers, Sharisse and Richard O'Carroll, blame the prosecution, led by Harris.

"There is so much misconduct so much exculpatory evidence that was never produced. There was a great deal of deception," Sharisse said.

Murphy is still not 100 percent free. She is out on bond and will stay with her former teacher, wear an ankle monitor, and appear in court again next month where the case could be thrown out.

There is still the possibility she could face another trial, and Murphy says she is ok with that.

"If I have to, to prove to everybody that I'm innocent," she said.

Some believe a witness in the case was actually responsible for the death of Michelle's son, Travis. That man, William Lee, died of accidental asphyxiation, and was never charged.