Rogers County Deputies: Kids Living In Deplorable Conditions On The Rise

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 7:21 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County Deputies say two children were living in filthy, deplorable conditions. They say the 18 month old and three year old were living in a house that had no electricity or running water, and it was unfit for anyone to live in.

Law enforcement said, while they've seen cases of children living in deplorable conditions for years, they say there has been an increase in them in recent years.

Rogers County deputies went to the house to check out an abandoned vehicle. When they got here, they found a man outside and two kids, 18 months old and three years old, inside the house.

They say the house had a terrible odor, no working utilities. They found drugs and needles, an open box of ammunition, chemicals and other hazards inside, including toys piled on the floor in filth and rat feces on top of diapers.

Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton, said, "None of the basics these children have to have are present and everything they don't need to be around is present."

Deputies arrested the children's father, Brian Gable, for a number of things, including stolen vehicles, drugs and child neglect.

Deputies said he told them they were living there, because the kids' mother is in jail.

"There's not one answer that fixes these situations, but, it starts with us making sure the kids are out of harm's way," Walton said.

Law enforcement said they see cases like this over and over. This is the third case just this week.

We had the couple accused of locking their six year old in her bedroom while they went out to commit crimes. Detectives said the house was a mess and reeked of urine.

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They point to the six-year-old boy who was burned badly last weekend while playing with a lighter. Police said the house was filthy and filled with animals.

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Police said the recurring theme they see is mostly young parents who are selfish and lazy.

Detective Danielle Bishop, with the Tulsa Police Department, said, "It frustrates me that people think of themselves first and not their kids."

Deputies said the children taken from the house were placed with a grandfather.

Of all the charges Gable could face from the incident, the most serious is child neglect, because someone convicted of that crime could spend the rest of their life in prison.