Tulsa Teen Arrested For Child Abuse Has DHS History In Pennsylvania

Thursday, April 17th 2014, 10:54 pm
By: Tess Maune

A teen mom is accused of nearly suffocating her toddler to get him to stop crying. Stormy Jones is in the Tulsa County jail, but police say the 19 year old hasn't called Tulsa home for very long.

Police say Jones and her boyfriend moved to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania just a few weeks ago. Detectives tell us the couple has a history of run-ins with the law back east.

The Extended Stay Inn and Suites in Tulsa is the place police say Jones called home. According to an arrest report, Jones lived there for several weeks with her 5-month-old baby, 2-year-old son and their father, Brendan Dixon.

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Detective Danielle Bishop said a fight is what led officers to Jones and 22-year-old Dixon on Tuesday night.

"There was a fight, broken windows," Bishop said.

Before officers got there, the arrest report says Dixon asked a stranger in the lobby to go check on his children because he was afraid their mother was going to hurt them.

"So, she went to the room and observed Stormy Jones with a pillow over the baby's face," said Bishop.

Police say they arrested Jones for child abuse and Dixon for public intoxication. But that didn't stop the investigation.

"In the last couple days, we've been able to learn they have extensive DHS and police history in Pennsylvania where they're from," Bishop said.

Since then, Bishop said another witness, claiming they saw Jones on two occasions, screaming at her toddler and putting her hand over her toddler's mouth and pinching his nose to get him to stop crying.

Infant Mental Health Therapist, Karen Harvey, said, "Sometimes they cry, sometimes there's nothing you can do about it, and if you get to that frustration point, that's when sometimes you just kind of have to let them cry and kind of walk away for a few minutes and come back and then try again."

Harvey works with troubled families every day at the Parent Child Center of Tulsa. She said in some abuse cases, grown-ups are reverting to some trauma from their childhood, and may have never known any differently.

"It makes me sad that there are young people out there struggling, and they may not know who to turn to or how to call for help," Harvey said.

Harvey said the center has a 24-hour helpline for parents to call if they need help of guidance at 918-599-7999.

Police said the couple's children are now staying with family.

Detectives said Dixon knew about the abuse, but never reported it. Police said he could eventually face charges.