Creek County Horses Seized, Find New Homes

Thursday, March 27th 2014, 11:26 pm
By: News On 6

Last month we told you about Creek County deputies seizing the animals after our story aired, now, some of those horses have new homes.

The sheriff's office said it doesn't have space for large animals, so after deputies seized the horses, they were taken to a stockyard where some were nursed back to health and then auctioned off.

As people made their bids at the Mid America Stockyards horse auction, Marcie Adams was there with a mission.

"I knew which ones I wanted to grab hold of and what my wallet would afford," said Adams.

For less than $250, Adams bought a three-year-old filly named Beauty. She also got a mare that doesn't have a name yet.

The two horses were among several seized from a Creek County home after News On 6 aired a story about the deplorable conditions of the horses.

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"I wish they had taken and asked for help a little bit more, but it was upsetting. It was upsetting. That's why we went over and helped," Adams said.

Adams lives next door to the horses' previous owner. She watched them wither away for months, many were skin and bones and one had a gaping wound.

Adams and her son would bring hay over for a black and white stud that couldn't even stand. He, along with another mare, had to be put down.

"It was very upsetting. We cried," Adams said.

The stockyards' co-owner Helen Varner said the horses were cared for until they were strong enough to be auctioned.

Helen Varner, Mid America Stockyards, Inc. Co-Owner, said, "Now that horses are so cheap, lots of people can get into the horse market without realizing what it actually takes to keep a horse in the condition it needs to be kept in."

She will not tell us who bought the other horses, but Adams fears some may be on their way to slaughter houses.

"I got the two and saved them from slaughter. I knew going through that sale barn, it was going to be a pretty bad situation," Adams said.

As for the two Adams bought, she has big plans. Once Beauty gets healthy, she'll be preparing for the rodeo. And the nameless one, right now they're just working on fattening him up and giving him a name.

The sheriff's office said it has wrapped up its investigation. Deputies submitted a report to the District Attorney, who will ultimately decide if charges should be filed against the previous owner.