Tarzan The Musical Comes To Jenks High School With Disney Permission

Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 5:54 pm
By: News On 6

Jenks is the first Oklahoma high school to be given permission by Disney to present the musical version of Tarzan.

Tarzan is the story of an orphaned boy raised by apes in the jungle. Then, he meets a human girl and falls in love.

Beginning Friday night, Tarzan and all his jungle friends, come to life on stage at Jenks High School.

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Audience members are encouraged to use their imagination during the play, as many of the actors on stage play animals, gorillas mostly.

Larry Downey, said, "The challenge of any musical is making sure all of the people sing dance and act all at the same time."

Downey has put on many musicals at Jenks. This one, I suspect, is especially challenging.

"Creating a fantasy world where students are portraying non-human characters," Downey said of the musical.

Ross Stacy plays Tarzan and Caroline Coffey plays Jane.

"I come to Africa, the African Congo, with my father on an expedition. We are both scientists and I'm fascinated with nature and the jungle and everything that goes on there. I get into some trouble and he rescues me," Coffey said.

"He," of course is Tarzan.

Phil Collins created the music for the original feature. In the play there is dancing, and during the production eight cast members get to swing over the stage on jungle vines.

There are four shows, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening as well as Sunday afternoon.