Law Enforcement: Kellyville Abduction Story Made Up

Tuesday, February 25th 2014, 11:26 am

The Creek County Sheriff's Office says a reported abduction north of Kellyville was a false report made up by a student. 

Officials say it started with a couple of 911 calls just before 7 a.m., one from a girl claiming she was being followed and another from a 14-year-old girl reporting she saw someone being kidnapped.

The caller told deputies she witnessed an abduction at a school bus stop eight miles north of Kellyville, at Post Oak Road and Cedar Lane.

According to the caller, a man in a gray pickup truck abducted a blond, teenage Kellyville student. The caller said the girl's phone was left at the scene of the "abduction." 

They didn't find any evidence of a crime there, and investigators said the girl who reported the abduction almost immediately changed her story.

The witness, who was also a student, produced a phone that she said belonged to the "abducted" girl. Deputies began a door-to-door search of the area as other law enforcement agencies responded to assist Creek County.

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"We had a witness who said it was this little girl, then it turned into a neighbor, then a girl on a walk, and so when we didn't know who we were looking for," said Detective Drew Mullinex of the Creek County Sheriff's Office.

"It's hard to find someone if you don't know they're lost."

The sheriff's office said it turned out the teen who was the subject of the report was already at school and had no idea she had been reported missing. 

The Creek County Sheriff's Office said the cell phone was analyzed by the Sapulpa Police Department who determined the phone was display model and had no service. 

Law enforcement interviewed the witness at the school who they said finally admitted to making up the story.

"Even though it was a scary situation all through the morning, everything did work very well," said Superintendent Joe Pierce, Kellyville Public Schools.

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Deputies say after hours of questioning - the girl who reported the abduction finally admitted she made up the whole story.

They don't know why yet, but say she has emotional issues.

Authorities said due to the lack of information no Amber Alert was issued.

"If she's looking for attention or what it may be, we're going to give her the attention she needs and they help she needs," Mullinex said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Creek County Sheriff's Office and Sapulpa Police Department all launched efforts to find the girl Tuesday morning. At least one driver of a gray truck - the type used in the "abduction" - was stopped and questioned by authorities.

Creek County Sheriff's Office issued a news bulletin thanking the agencies that came to their aid: Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Sapulpa Police, Kellyville Police, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshal Task Force and several other agencies.

Creek County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Les Vaughan also thanked the Kellyville School District.