Tulsa Man Arrested In Connection To Fatal Home Invasion

Sunday, February 23rd 2014, 4:10 pm
By: Dee Duren

By Paul Crockett, NewsOn6.com

TULSA, Oklahoma - An arrest is made in connection to a homicide from last June. Court records tie 25-year-old Paul Anthony Stallings to a home invasion robbery near 62nd and Quaker where another suspect, Kenneth James Chenney, was mortally wounded.

Stallings has been charged with one count of Accessory to an Armed Robbery and one count of Accessory to First Degree Burglary.

According to the affidavit, Stallings drove the 18-year-old Chenney to St. Francis Hospital and dumped him near the emergency room doors shortly after the June 5th robbery. Two other unidentified suspects are also believed to have taken part in the home invasion.

Tulsa detectives interviewed Stallings a day after the robbery. At that time Stallings told police he had driven Chenney and an unknown male to the River Glen Apartments where the home invasion took place, but said knew nothing about the planned robbery.

Stallings told detectives he met his sister-in-law at the complex and went with her to her daughter's doctor appointment. He said they returned about an hour later and it was shortly after that when the now wounded Chenney, the unknown male that came with him, plus a third unknown male ran up to him and got into Stallings' Lincoln.

Stallings did admit to driving Chenney to the hospital and destroying possible evidence because he was scared, according to court records. Stallings denied any involvement in the home invasion robbery and said he did not know the identities of the two other males.

The people in the apartment at the time of the home invasion were unable to identify Stallings as one of the robbers.

Stallings sister-in-law did confirm he had gone with her to a doctor's appointment but said that happened on June 3rd, two days before the crime took place.

Broken Arrow Police arrested Stallings after pulling him over for a defective tag light on Friday night. Records show Stallings initially gave the officer a fake name but later admitted who he was and that he knew about the warrants for his arrest. He was booked into the David L. Moss Center early Sunday morning.

According to court records, the charges against Stallings were dropped on April 30, 2014, because a prosecution witness failed to appear.