Tulsa Police: Abandoned, Rolled-Over SUV Linked To Car Smashed Into Garage

Friday, February 21st 2014, 10:53 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police linked a heavily damaged SUV abandoned at 7th and Allegheny to a hit and run crash several blocks away Friday morning, thanks to a News On 6 photojournalist.

Police believe the driver of a GMC Denali was eastbound on 3rd Street when he or she struck a car parked outside a home at 3rd and College. 

The owner of the car was asleep in her house when someone slammed into her Toyota Camry, pushing it into her garage. She didn't hear it and only discovered what happened while walking her dog that morning.

After hitting the Camry, police believe the SUV rolled over and landed on its tires but the driver kept on going. Whoever was driving eventually abandoned the Denali at 7th and Allegheny.

They were investigating how it got there when a News On 6 photojournalist informed them about the Camry that had been rammed into the garage at 3rd and College.

"So while we were out here investigating it, your news camera guy informed that, 'Hey, I filmed a car around 6 a.m. that had been totaled. Looks like it's been in a car wreck," said Officer Cleon Burrell, TPD.

The photographer told them he'd found parts of the Denali in the yard there.

Officers don't know if anyone in the SUV was injured. They're still investigating.