Northeastern State University Unveils 'Master Plan' For Renovations

Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 10:57 pm
By: News On 6

Northeastern State University made a big announcement Tuesday night. School leaders unveiled new building plans for all three campuses.

This is Northeastern State University's first "Master Plan." Students, faculty, staff and consultants put together a guidebook for how the university should plan to grow for the next 20 years.

Some of the buildings at NSU constructed over the years don't quite fit with today's needs.

Ben Hardcastle, with NSU, said, "This master plan will address that allow us to keep the integrity of our heritage and expand from that."

A group looked at how the university could improve buildings, parking and landscaping across all three campuses.

Renovations at some university buildings are underway and new student housing is in the works.

Jackson Wells, an NSU Sophomore, said, "There's always room for improvements, at the same time, they're doing a real good job."

Wells believes the university is on the right track for more upgrades.

"Honestly, it's a really nice campus and they're really doing good things," Wells said. "They just put in the new event center."

Commuter students to the Tahlequah campus are hoping the plan calls for more parking.

Anthony Andring said he would like it to be safer and be able to have spots closer to the buildings.

He wants the 5-10 minute walk to class from his parking space to be shorter.

"Next semester actually, when my wife is up here as a non-traditional student," said Andring. "She'll be able to get to the truck so I won't be able to worry about her."

University spokesperson Ben Hardcastle said when the needs for renovations arise they'll use the Master Plan as a reference.

"We're taking what we already have and making it better," Hardcastle said.

If you Tuesday night's meeting in Tahlequah, the "Master Plan" will be shown at the Broken Arrow and Muskogee campuses Wednesday morning.