Two Rescued After Boat Capsized On Grand Lake

Tuesday, January 14th 2014, 5:22 pm
By: News On 6

Boaters doing work for GRDA had to be rescued from Grand Lake Tuesday afternoon.

It happened after their boat capsized.

The high winds on Tuesday kicked up the waves and flooded the workers' small boat.

The winds also carried the men in the frigid water dangerously close to the massive dam.

Jason Littlefield with GRDA Police said "We just got lucky. We were just right here at the right time, was able to be there in a few minutes."

Two men trying to cross Grand Lake in a small boat ended up in the water.

"It's pretty dangerous with the wind out of the North like it was," Littlefield said. "It was pushing them right against the dam and when we got there they were within 3 to 5 feet away from the dam,"

When the boat started to take on water, the men called out for help.

Justin Alberty with the GRDA, said, "In the winter time you may be out there by yourself. In this incident a phone made the difference."

GRDA Police responded quickly; the capsized boat was close to the police department.

"When police arrived, they found the two men holding on to their boat next to the dam in 80 feet of water."

"They were heading east across the lake here along in front of the dam back over towards Cedar Point Marina and the incident occurred kind of right here along the middle near the arches," Alberty said.

The stranded boaters were heading back to shore after installing boat lifts for the GRDA.

Winds were so high that birds could barely fly into the tough headwind.

"The waves are 3 to 5 foot maybe out there something like that. They are pretty good sized waves," said Littlefield.

The men weren't wearing life jackets.

"They go home safe tonight," Alberty said. "Our guys go home safe tonight. So it's a good day for everyone."

The men went to the hospital to be checked for hypothermia. They are expected to be back at work tomorrow.