Oklahoma Banks, Target Customers Deal With Credit Fraud Aftermath

Thursday, December 26th 2013, 9:59 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Target customers are working to straighten out their hacked bank and credit card accounts, during the busiest shopping time of the year.

Plenty of people are telling us it's more than just speculation about the stolen information, because charges have shown up on their accounts.

Now, they and the local banks are going through the hassle of shutting down the hacked accounts.

Target stores are busy with after-Christmas shoppers, but it was the early birds targeted in a massive theft of credit and debit card information, from stores all over the country. Now every shopper has to be on alert that their information might be used by criminals--and some of it already has.

It's prompting banks to clamp down on charges and change account numbers for millions of people.

"The Target situation has certainly gotten our attention--it's the big event," said TTCU Chief Financial Officer Shelby Beil.

TTCU doesn't know of any of their customers who have lost money, but to protect against fraud, they're sending out new credit and debit cards to every customer of theirs, who is also a customer of Target.

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"And go ahead and issue them a new debit card, just to prevent any new fraud that might happen on their account," Beil said.

And we've been hearing from Target customers about their experiences with the stolen information.

Viewer Shellie wrote to tell us that her credit card was used to spend $800 at a Walmart down in Norman.

Celina told us her information was taken, too. Her debit card was used to buy something in Maryland. Her checking account was wiped out.

But these customers are also telling us the banks are working with them on the fraud and returning their money.

People like Bonnie Flaming, from Jay, won't lose money.

"The bank caught the credit card fraud and it did not go through, so I didn't lose anything, but the debit card--they're still pending, but they were marked as fraudulent," Flaming said.

Every victim we talked with said the banks contacted them, but the banks also want people to monitor their accounts to catch anything they might miss.