Shawnee Woman Celebrates 99th Birthday With Blake Shelton

Friday, October 4th 2013, 10:44 pm
By: Tess Maune

Oklahoma's Own Blake Shelton packed the BOK Center Friday night, and one of his biggest - and possibly oldest - fans was in the crowd.

It's all part of a birthday surprise several months in the making.

Emma Shelton's daughter and two granddaughters brought Emma to Tulsa from Shawnee, took her out to dinner and told her they would go visit the aquarium afterward.

So you can imagine her surprise and excitement when she learned she'd be going to see Blake Shelton live in concert instead.

Emma won't technically turn 99 until next week, but her family started the celebration early with a big surprise: Blake Shelton tickets.

Emma's a big Blake Shelton fan, partly because she said he's so good-looking, but mainly because he's a Shelton.

"Well, I think he looks a lot like my family," she said.

Emma's husband and all his family were from Ada, just like the country star, and she's certain there's a connection.

"I thought maybe he was kin to me."

Emma's granddaughter said her grandma passed up seeing several other big name artists, in hopes of seeing Blake play.

So, now that she's in the door, she said there's only one other thing that could make her 99th birthday better, and that's meeting Blake, face-to-face.

Tess Maune: "If you could meet Blake Shelton, what would you say?"
Emma Shelton: "Oh, I'd say, 'Oh, I've just waited forever to see you.'"

This is quite a change from the last concert Emma went to. That was back in the '80s, she thinks, and it was to see country music star Buck Owens.