Snow Makes Travel Hazardous In Parts Of Eastern Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 6:07 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The snowstorm headed east after it hit the Tulsa area Wednesday morning.

And just as in Tulsa, there were some problems for drivers out east. Visibility was poor early Wednesday morning, and the slushy roads caused some problems in Wagoner County.

The snow was falling fast east of Tulsa, but that didn't do much to slow down drivers.

The slush on the Muskogee Turnpike caught up with Odell Alexander as he was driving home to Checotah.

"I was going about 40 miles an hour and ran into a pile of this on the road, and made me slide off," Alexander said. "It wasn't too bad. Like I said, I missed the snow plow by 5 minutes and if I had waited, I'd be fine."

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His car went down an embankment, and the only luck he had was being one of the first to call a tow truck.

"I've got three or four waiting on me," said David Ryon, of Swift Towing.

Ryon worked to pull the car back up to the road, while keeping an eye on the road.

The same drivers who go too fast for conditions in the snow are the ones who don't merge when a tow truck is on the side of the road pulling someone out.

"I'd like to stop every one of them and ask them why," Ryon said. "I tell you what would teach them, if they would get out here and do this for a day. They would have a change of attitude real fast.

"A school bus driver passed just a minute ago, no cars on the side or around him, still didn't merge."

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Ryon finally got the car back up on the road, and loaded up to head to the shop.

Further east, in Wagoner, the streets cleared as soon as the snow stopped.

In rural areas, the snow was piling up a little more, but appeared to be causing few problems.

Snow plows working for ODOT and the Turnpike Authority made a couple of passes to clear the highways, but that was all they needed for that first wave of snow.