Resolution Oklahoma Helps Sapulpa Couple Avoid Foreclosure

Monday, February 18th 2013, 12:25 am
By: News On 6

A Sapulpa couple is in their home tonight, thanks to a special program called Resolution Oklahoma.

Resolution Oklahoma offers free legal help for those having problems paying their mortgage.

Money for the program came from a settlement deal between Oklahoma and the nation's largest mortgage companies.

One couple says without it, they wouldn't be where they are today.

David Baughman and Michelle Bury love their Sapulpa home because it gives their three kids a chance to grow up in the country.

But that opportunity was put in jeopardy a couple of years ago when Baughman was unable to work.

"I got sick at work and that's kinda started us getting behind," Baughman said.

Their mortgage company started the foreclosure process, so Michelle said they tried to modify their payments.

"They approved us, but they wanted us to come up with like $4,000," Bury said.

They knew they needed to file for bankruptcy, but attorneys cost money, too.

"That was like 12-1500 dollars up front," Bury said.

Bury began looking online for options and came across the Resolution Oklahoma program.

They get in a vicious cycle, of even if you're back to work or not sick anymore, you can't catch up," foreclosure coordinator Laura Frossard said.

Thanks to the Resolution Oklahoma program, the foreclosure process was stopped and the couple were able to catch up on their payments.

"Without their help, their guidance, it would have been a lot harder," Baughman said.

Frossard said too many people try to tackle this issue alone.

"Because if you're not an attorney you can only go so far trying to do this yourself," Frossard said.

She said legal aid can help, no matter where someone is in the foreclosure process.

"It's a long process you do have many months," Frossard said. "There are a lot of avenues available to try and help you save your house."

It's avenues to keep people like Baughman and Bury in their home, and hope others will see their story and it will help another family before it's too late.

"Nobody wants to lose their home, and if they have people like legal aid, then they've got an option," Baughman said.

Frossard said there are a couple things to avoid if you are facing foreclosure: Don't take out high interest loans to pay off what you owe, and watch out for foreclosure help scams on the Internet.

To download a Resolution Oklahoma voucher form, click here.