Tulsa Police Search For Domestic Assault Suspect They Call Extremely Violent

Thursday, January 3rd 2013, 1:49 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police are looking for a man wanted on a number of domestic assault and battery charges.

Jarion Hopson, 34, has made the Tulsa police department's weekly most wanted list.

He's wanted for a number of crimes, including domestic assault and battery involving great bodily harm, strangulation, and kidnapping.

They say he only moved to Tulsa seven years ago, but has been investigated six times since then for domestic violence.

"To the point of kidnappings, severe beatings, breaking an arm, strangulation to the point where they passed out," said Detective Linda Hanna.

Records show Hopson was sentenced in 2011 to 18 months in prison for attacking a woman he was dating.

He served a third of that or six months and was released last April.

He began dating another woman, but that relationship ended in her getting a protective order against him. She wrote in October, that he beat her, hit her in the chest, stomach and side, choked her, head-butted her and threatened to kill her.

Police say all the victims' stories follow a consistent pattern.

"Once they decide the relationship is not for them and want to end it, he becomes extremely violent," Hanna said.

Records show just a couple of months after the October incident, while bonded out of jail, Hopson is accused of attacking another woman he was dating.

"She started gathering her stuff to leave. He says, ‘You're not leaving me high and dry,' yanks out a cord from the wall, starts beating her with a power strip cord, and she raises her arm up in defense," Hanna said.

She said that victim was so terrified she went into hiding in another town for days until the pain was so unbearable, she had to come back and get to a hospital, where her arm was set in a cast.

They say Hopson works for his father's business, stripping and cleaning floors of businesses after hours, and likely drives a brown pickup truck.

Detectives suspect there are additional victims out there who have not come forward out of fear. They encourage them to do so now.

Police say he tells his victims they can't file a police report if it's been more than 72 hours since the attack, but that is not true.

If you have information that could lead police to Hopson, call 911 or contact Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.