Tulsa Family Escapes Injury When SUV Plows Into Living Room

Tuesday, December 25th 2012, 11:01 am
By: News On 6

An SUV crashed into a Tulsa Habitat for Humanity home with four people inside on Christmas morning, in the 700 block of North Rockford.

Police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened, but they do know the SUV came within feet of hitting a young boy inside.

When you wake up on Christmas morning, you don't expect to find an SUV in your living room.

"We were getting ready to start our festivities," said homeowner Yolanda Knox.

Knox said she had just made her son go into his room and within minutes, the unthinkable happened.

"I heard a crash and I thought maybe he was hurt, because it was not a normal crash, and then it continued and continued until there was a truck in my front room," Knox said.

Tulsa Police were not able to speak to the driver, because she was taken to the hospital, but the SUV's passenger said when they approached the intersection, her friend had a blank look on her face when she hit the gas, picked up speed and drove straight into the house.

"Wake up in the morning and see a car in your living room. You expect to see presents under the tree. It's a sad deal," said TPD Officer Steven Dickson.

After a couple hours of the truck idling inside the home, the cleanup process began.

Knox and her three kids had just moved into the Habitat for Humanity home in north Tulsa about two months ago.

"It's a habitat home, so we built it ourselves. So, to see all of our work on the floor is a little devastating, Knox said.

This is one of the three new Habitat homes on the street.

The organization says nothing like this has ever happened to any of their homes in Tulsa.

"[We're] extremely saddened that something like this would happen, and if there's anything we can do to help, we certainly will," said Jane Dunbar, of Habitat for Humanity.

Knox said, "I'm just thankful my family is safe and we're going to try to have a holiday anyway."

The Knox family plans to board up the front of the house and stay there through Christmas night.

Tulsa Police are still investigating the crash. They said alcohol is not believed to be a factor.