Okmulgee County Teen Bags 30-Point Buck

Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 5:07 pm
By: Craig Day

Most years, more than 100,000 deer are harvested by hunters in Oklahoma. One taken recently by a teenage hunter is extremely rare—the kind that's "the big buck of a lifetime."

When they counted the points on the antlers of the Okmulgee County deer they kept counting and counting and counting.

The Keizor family's living room is full of impressive trophy bucks. All of them were harvested by Austin Keizor's dad, but soon Austin will add a trophy mount to the wall.

And it will be a 30-point buck.

Austin was hunting near Mounds, when suddenly he shot the 30-point buck.

"He was running full-speed, chasing that doe, [and I] pulled the trigger and shot him," Austin said.

What makes it even more impressive was that Austin had just had elbow surgery a week earlier, so he essentially shot it with one good arm.

"When I saw him I just threw it up on the fence right next to me and pulled the trigger," Austin said.

"His first reaction was, ‘Dad! I just killed a monster,' you know," his father, DJ, said.

The family had been seeing the monster buck on game cameras for months. It was the one everybody was hoping to see during the season.

Austin said it's a good thing he didn't have time to get nervous.

"You only see these type of deer in Bass Pro and places like that," he said.

Word quickly spread about the giant buck, which really could be a once-in-a-lifetime deer.

"You always want to try to get one in your life that's got character, and that deer's got as much character as you'll ever see. So, I was proud for him," DJ said.

"Well, I had someone tell me, ‘Well, you can't go hunting anymore, because you've already got the deer of your lifetime, so there's no point in going and shooting something disappointing,'" Austin said.

Austin's killed some nice 8-points before, but nothing big enough to spend money on to mount.

"But this one, we're going to spend the money," Austin said.

And it will soon move over his dad's best buck on the wall.

"He's got bragging rights, he's outdone me," DJ said.