More Witnesses Take Stand In Terrico Bethel Murder Trial

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, 9:49 am
By: News On 6

Testimony resumed Wednesday in the murder trial of Terrico Bethel, accused of killing Tulsa businessman and TU Hall of Famer Neal Sweeney in 2008.

A man, who claims to be a former five-star General in the Hoover Crips gang, testified against Terrico Bethel today.

Bethel is on trial for murdering Tulsan Neal Sweeney in 2008.

Dolan Prejean was a lifelong criminal and gang leader, but he said he found God in 2009.

He said that's the same year Terrico Bethel and he were in jail together, and Bethel confessed to murdering Sweeney.

When he first told police this, they didn't believe him because of his long criminal record, so he offered to wear a wire and get Bethel to confess on tape.

The jury heard that tape today of Prejean and a man talking and the man gives details of the crime.

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Bethel's attorney asked why the jury should take the word of a career criminal and liar that it's Bethel's voice on that tape.

They said Prejean would do whatever it takes to get a deal on his current charges.

But Prejean and the DA both say he's been offered no deal and must serve time in Louisiana after he does his time in Oklahoma.

The Sweeney family's motto is Sweeney Strong, and they have to be very strong indeed to listen to the testimony day after day.

His wife and daughters sat there today as the DA showed pictures on a big screen of Sweeney's hair and blood on his office window, and his blood on his phone, his glasses, his jacket and the carpet.

It may just be evidence to the jury, but a painful reminder for Sweeney's family.

Later in the afternoon, Neal Sweeney's business partner testified that Mohammad Aziz bought the fuel he sold at his convenience stores from them and how the relationship between them was strained when Aziz could no longer pay his bill. 

He said he was out working the morning of the shooting and got a call that someone was trying to kill Sweeney. He testified that he raced to the office, but was too late.

The lead homicide detective also testified Wednesday afternoon that, from the beginning, they figured it wasn't a random shooting or a robbery.

Mohammad Aziz, the man who pleaded guilty to setting this murder in motion, will testify Thursday.

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