Fire Takes Mannford Couple's Belongings: 'It's All Toast'

Sunday, August 5th 2012, 12:16 am
By: News On 6

Folks in the Mannford area were keeping a close eye on the fires as they crept closer and closer.

Late Saturday afternoon, they got the order to evacuate.

Most left with what they could, but many still had to leave much of their lives behind.

As hundreds of cars race from Mannford, Jim Sparr and his fianceé pulled off to the side of the road to figure out what's next.

"We watched the fires all night, thought we were going to be safe," Sparr said.

But then the unthinkable happened.

"I sent her and the animals away from the house," Sparr said.

"And then he watched it burn," Roxane Flegal said.

"I watched my neighbors houses catch on fire and then I watched it jump the road and burn mine," Sparr said.

In a matter of seconds, the fire engulfed everything, but Sparr was able to save his boat, animals and some clothes.

"I probably should have packed up some last night, but I didn't figure it was going to get us," Sparr said.

Sparr had 12 antique trucks on his land.

The fire devoured all of them, including an old Dodge Charger.

"I should have loaded it on the trailer last night. I didn't do it. It's all toast," Sparr said. "It's just hard to deal with when you watch 30 years of your life go up in a few seconds."

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