Tulsa Deli Creates 'James Harden' Sandwich

Sunday, June 17th 2012, 7:48 pm
By: Tess Maune

He's America's favorite sixth man, known not only for boosting his Thunder team from off the bench, but also for the beard, feared by every other team in the NBA.

"My favorite player would actually be James Harden," said Oliver Seekins, a server at Dilli Deli.

Harden's trademark facial hair is actually bringing notoriety back to the bearded look.

"A lot of people like it. They see me out in public or at the restaurants and they're like ‘fear the beard'," said Seekins.

A beard so famous, it even has its own song. Now, for those who can't grow a beard like Harden, they can order up his namesake sandwich instead.

"I think this is a great tribute to him, cause it's a hearty, sandwich, James Harden," said Tulsa resident, Gerry Langston.

"It's real hearty, real good. It's got a little flair to it, just like his beard, the coleslaw on the sandwich," said Seekins.

You find the loaded roast beef sandwich at Dilli Deli in downtown Tulsa. This week they're serving up all sorts of Thunder Spirit.

"We really wanted to celebrate the Thunder so we named a sandwich and one of our breakfast pancakes after ‘em," said Dilli Deli general manager, Dru Titchener.

Their Thunder Cakes are loaded with blueberries, both inside and out.

"The blueberries are delicious. They taste fresh, really good. Yep now we're ready to ‘Thunder Up'," said Langston.

Then you've got blue velvet Thunder cupcakes and of course, the James Harden's Super Sammie. Hopefully soon, Harden will make his way to town to give it a try.           

"We would love it [if Harden visited]. I would hope that coleslaw would get all in his beard," said Titchener.