Repairs Underway In Earthquake-Damaged Meeker

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 1:47 pm
By: Craig Day

MEEKER, Oklahoma -- Meeker residents are cleaning up damage from earthquakes that took place Saturday night and Monday evening.

At many homes near Meeker, what the first quake weakened, the next big one finished off. Jerry Seaton is helping to make repairs after the bricks on the front of a friend's home toppled.

"Put a little insulation back on it and put some plywood on it, try to cover it up and keep the weather off of it, until we get something permanent back on it," Seaton said.

Many people in Lincoln County face the same unexpected repairs and the same uneasiness the series of quakes and aftershocks have brought. If there was a scale measuring rattled nerves it would be off the charts.

"We're all living in fear. I know one of my friends left town last night, she told me she had enough, she told me she couldn't take one more shake," said Rita Palmer, Meeker Superintendent.

At Meeker schools, the quakes caused damage, mostly to suspended ceilings, in the auditorium, library, offices and five classrooms. Teachers and staff are cleaning up while classes are cancelled for the day.

The district has insurance that covers earthquake damage, but the deductible is $50,000.

Structural engineers will inspect all of the school buildings on campus. Superintendent Rita Palmer just hopes the earthquakes are over and there is no further damage.

"You know I don't like living in fear, but right now I'm living in fear," she said.

Many others are tiring of the rumbling as they face expensive repairs. County emergency management has received nearly 100 reports of damage and hope they don't get any more.

Meeker Cleans Up From Earthquakes

The structural engineer determined there was no significant damage to any of Meekers' schools, so the district will hold classes Wednesday.

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Other buildings in Meeker were also damaged by Monday's earthquake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter was 9 miles east, northeast of Meeker.