Sports sayings that I HATE

Friday, October 28th 2011, 5:22 pm

By: News On 6

Commonly used sports phrases I hate:

1. Trickeration: [trik-uh-ray-shun] verb, plural -tions.

Example: "And the Sooners run a fake punt to perfection! Did you see that trickeration?!"

DICTIONARY'S DEFINITION: the act of tricking, practicing of tricks or stratagems to deceive; artifice; deception.

BOBBY'S DEFINITION: used WAY TOO OFTEN to describe a trick play, such as a reverse or halfback pass in football, when all the user really needs to say is ‘trick play'. Also, substituting "tomfoolery" is not an acceptable alternative.


2. Giving 100% [one hundred and ten percent]

Example: "I just always go out there and give 110% for my team."

DICTIONARY'S DEFINITION: Giving your all; doing more than required; pushing oneself to past the limits

BOBBY'S DEFINITION: um, hello! It is impossible to give MORE than what is physically, mathematically, and imaginably possible. There is no such thing as giving more than 100%! Stop using this phrase. It makes me shudder.


3. It is what it is [yeah, no need for pronunciation guide here]

Example: "We tried hard. We just came up short. It is what it is."

DICTIONARY'S DEFINITION: calling something plain to see, obvious, apparent

BOBBY'S DEFINITION: I can't come up with anything else to say, so I'm responding with this awful, stupid, unnecessary phrase. It makes no sense. Of course, if IT is something, then it IS what you say it is. Do you ever hear anyone say, "it isn't what it isn't"? NO, because obviously it's redundant.


4. Under his/her own power [own pow-err]

Example: "Joe Smith was down on the field for a while holding his knee, but now he's walking off under his own power."

DICTIONARY'S DEFINITION: Phrase used to describe an athlete leaving the field of play without assistance after suffering or incurring an injury. Use most often in (American) football.

BOBBY'S DEFINITION: Just say the dude got up and walked off the field. I've never heard anyone say he walked off the field ‘under the water girl's power' or ‘under the strength and conditioning coach's power'. If he's walking, he's walking on his own. Sheesh.


5. "National Football League" [a.k.a. NFL]

Example: "My favorite National Football League team is the Miami Dolphins."

DICTIONARY'S DEFINITION: professional football league in the United States made up of 32 teams. Half of the teams (16) play in the American Football Conference, or AFC, and half compete in the National Football conference (NFC). Champions of both leagues settle the league title in the Super Bowl.

BOBBY'S DEFINITION: JUST SAY N-F-L!!!!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE EVERY STINKIN' TIME?! YOU'RE THE ONLY SHOWBOATING LEAGUE THAT DOES IT! When's the last time someone said, "I'm going to go watch a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing race"? NEVER!

Other things I hate about sports:

-Home baseball fans booing the visitors for throwing over to first base in an attempt to keep a runner close, and booing when the away team intentionally walks your best hitter with a base open in a close game. It's called STRATEGY and it's a part of baseball. Stop booing.

-Fans that chant, "Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right… SIT DOWN!!!!!!" after a basketball player fouls out of the game. The player is heading to the bench to sit down anyway. Why are you yelling at him?


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