Oklahoma Drive-Through Restaurants Caught In Menu Sign Catch-22

Wednesday, September 28th 2011, 10:54 pm
By: News On 6

Jennifer Pierce, News On 6

OKLAHOMA CITY -- This time next year when you hit the drive-through, instead of just ordering a burger and fries you will be able to see how many calories are in the meal.

It's all part of the new healthcare reform law. Restaurants with 20 or more locations will have to comply with the law. It will require them to post nutritional information on menus and drive-through signs by the middle of next year.

Now, unless you go online or ask for information in the restaurant it's hard to know exactly how many calories you're about to bite into.

For some it's a given.

"It's kind of blatantly obvious that there are bad things in fast food, ya know. People should have that understanding," said Stewart Whitmarsh.

The federal government wants to fight obesity, saying the new regulations will help the public make informed decisions about their food and give consumers information up front.

Sonic and Braum's are just a couple of Oklahoma fast-food chains that will have to comply.

Representatives from the restaurants said they are still trying to determine how this will impact their restaurants.

They do know it will be costly. Restaurants will have to revise menus and drive-through signs to include calorie counting information.

All the changes could ultimately impact the way Oklahomans eat.

"It would be nice to know when you splurge or have something that isn't that healthy that you can make a better choice," said Christine Leftwich.

In the meantime, Oklahoma City is proposing an ordinance to make drive-through signs smaller. The Oklahoma Restaurant Association spokesperson says that won't work given the new law that requires restaurants put more information on the menu signs.