Tulsa Woman Shot While Sleeping Next To Child

Monday, September 5th 2011, 7:17 am
By: News On 6

Jeromee Scot, NewsOn6.com

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Tulsa woman is in serious condition at the hospital after being shot in the head through the ceiling of her apartment.

Police responded to the call around 1:30 Monday morning at the Sunset Plaza Apartments, near Elgin and Independence.

Officers tell News On 6 the 21-year old was sleeping right next to her 2-year-old child, when someone upstairs fired a weapon.

The bullet went through the floor between apartments and hit her in the head.

"It's pretty easy to see. There's a bullet hole in the ceiling and sheet rock on the bed next to her," said Captain Shawn King. "It's very obvious the round came straight down through the carpet."

The woman's daughter was not hurt.

"Fortunately she was still sleeping when officers went down to make sure she was okay," King said. "She didn't hear or see anything and fortunately wasn't traumatized by it."

Several people were in the apartment at the time, and many of them were placed in handcuffs and taken in for questioning.

It's not clear if any of them fired the gun.

Police said they haven't found any weapons in the apartment.

"I'm sure it left with somebody, or somebody hid it," King said. "[The occupants] aren't saying anything. A bunch of the bad guys are on file or have arrest records for weapons charges."

Police arrested who they believe is the victim's older brother after he went behind a police crime tape and assaulted an officer.

He'll likely be charged with assault and battery of a police officer.

Police said it's something they have to deal with all the time.

"It's understandable that family members are upset, but you have to cooperate with us so we can help the family. If we can't do our jobs, then the family doesn't get justice."

The shooting victim is in serious condition but is expected to recover.