A Super Nice Morning

Friday, August 26th 2011, 5:43 am
By: News On 6

A super nice morning is underway across northern OK and southern Kansas as dry air is allowing temperatures to drop into the 60s.  A few locations are flirting with upper 50s this morning in the Valleys across extreme northeastern OK.  Later these afternoon high temperatures are expected to move into the mid 90s along with sunny sky and light east to northeast wind.  The weekend should be warm and slightly more humid by Sunday before another boundary approaches the region from the north Sunday evening into Monday. 

The front that moved across the region yesterday morning is located to our south and will soon become diffuse.  A surface ridge of high pressure located across the Midwest will continue to circulate slightly cooler and drier air into the Missouri Valley and some of this dry air will continue to advect into Northeastern OK today.  

The upper level ridge is still located to our west and this will continue to keep a very small window of a northwest flow pattern near Southeastern Kansas or possibly extreme NE OK for early next week.  The operational models have been hinting at a small cluster of storms dropping into Eastern Kansas and possibly into the southwest Missouri region Monday morning.

 The EURO and GFS are now a little closer regarding the Monday system and will bring the boundary into the region by Monday morning but this front may not survive into the body of the state.  EURO data suggests temperatures will be warming back to near 100 by Wednesday. 

Irene:  This system will have major impacts on the Carolinas, especially the outer banks, and then move northward into the New England area of the Nation.  The latest intensity forecast calls for Irene to retain hurricane strength as it approaches areas such as Long Island, New York City, and then weaken as it moves northward.  The intensity forecast will continue to change slightly between now and this weekend.   

This system will take a track similar to Hurricane Bob from the early 90s.  Bob didn't form in the same location as Irene,  but Bob and Irene may have similar paths with the current system having the potential to impact millions of residents along the east coast.